Sindhis are peaceful, hard working, simple, open minded and above all the most hospitable people in the world.
Devri Sahib

Sind is the land of Sufis and saints who gave the message of peace and unity to the whole world.

In the district of Ghotki Sind there is a small village, which is known for great saints and Sufis called Raherki Sahib(Devri Sahib). Devri Sahib is also called Saint Satram Dham (SSD), as this is the place where Saint Satramdas Sahib was born. This is a place where people from all over the world come to get peace of mind and to get their wishes fulfilled.

Big Devri Sahib

Big Devri Sahib

Who ever comes to Raherki Sahib does not go empty handed. Anybody who comes here with tears in his or her eyes goes back happily and contended.

It is a very well known fact that the 'Holy book at Devri Sahib which

Devotees reciting Dhuni Sahib at Devri Sahib
Devotees reciting Dhuni Sahib at Devri Sahib
is known as "Dhuni Sahib" has great powers and any one who recites 'Dhuni Sahib' at home over come all the sorrows and difficulties in his life. The recitation of Dhuni Sahib has brought a lot of happiness and peace of mind to the millions of people around the world. One can read as well as listen to it (Dhuni Sahib) at home.

The very first saint who served at Raherki Sahib was saint Sai Khotaram Sahib. Saint Sai Khotaram Sahib was a holy man. He had spiritual powers and was adored by the people all over the Sind. He

Samadhi of Khotaram Sahib
always served poor and needy people. He sang Gurbani in a very beautiful touching way. When he sang Gurbani people sat absorbed.

Once Sai Jan came to know that the famine had hit many a villages in Sind. Many a people, farmers as well as the Zamindars came to Sai Jan for his blessings.

Sai Jan called upon all the Panchayats and made an appeal to all the Zamindars that since there was lot of food shortage out of total crop of 24 tons per head each Zamindar should bring 5 kgs for the poor & needy people. One of the Zamindar Surajmal said that in this situation offamine it was not possible to take this responsibility and they went away.

Next morning all of them that means all the Zamindars returned back and fell on the feet of Sai Khotaram and pleaded for mercy. When Sai Jan asked them what happened they said that since they refused to do what Sai Jan told them they were not able to sleep. They at night in their dream saw snakes and evil powers who were telling them that they will kill them and after that they got scared and wanted Sai Jan to forgive them for not obeying to Sai Jan's order. On listening to this Sai Jan said that those who repent and understand their mistakes are not punished by the God as he is the greatest of all.


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